• Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy


This policy establishes the following governing principles:

The Company will provide resources exclusively for the purposes of social development, in order to contribute towards creating a stable and prosperous society whose goals and objectives coincide with the priorities and interests of the Company's business.

The Company will conduct its Social Responsibility programs in a manner that is sensitive and responsive to the circumstances and expectations of various communities that form a part of society. Where required, the starting points will be social, economic and demographic surveys in the areas / regions where the Company operates.

The Company will work closely with Central, State and Local authorities / instrumentalities and opinion-leaders in pursuing its Social Responsibility Policy.

The Company will make social investments, including through reputed public and professionally organised charitable organizations. The criteria for selection of such organisations will be a demonstrated high level of financial reporting and other disclosure standards, apart from effective programme delivery.

The resources provided to such organisations for partnering programs will not be used to earn profits, or for political purposes. Organisations partnering with the Company will be required to adhere to these principles by giving a written consent in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding / Agreement. The activity of such partnering organisations will be supervised by a senior functionary of the Company, with sufficient expertise to ensure collective and objective decision-making and review processes.


The Company firmly believes in health, safety and security of everyone who works for, in partnership with the Company, or is affected by the operations of the Company. The Company recognizes that adherence to this HSE policy and the principles inherent is critical to the success of its business.

Good HSE performance is expected of every employee and entity who de-facto works as an agent of the Company, or who works in partnership with the Company. Any person who can be so identified as furthering the business objectives of the Company is responsible for adhering to this HSE policy.

The Company’s HSE goals are stated below:

  • no accidents
  • no harm to people
  • no damage to the environment.

The Company will make efforts to continuously improve its performance in mitigating or minimising, if not altogether eliminating, the impact of its operations on environment and health by reducing waste, emissions and discharges, and also through efficient use of energy.

The Company will build its plant(s) to quality and engineering standards that endeavour to better the standards prescribed by sound engineering and utility practices. The Company’s efforts will be towards ensuring that plants built can be used to safely and reliably serve its customer groups and the society.

Personnel holding leadership positions within the Company will be held accountable for accomplishing the HSE goals by demonstrating correct HSE behaviours, and clearly defining HSE roles and responsibilities, and providing adequate resources for ensuring HSE goals. They would also be expected to put in place processes for measuring, reviewing and continuously improving the Company’s HSE performance.